NEOGEN Charcoal Mask Foam

Charcoal Mask Foam
Charcoal Mask Foam, 100g, SGD27.50



NEOGEN Bio-Gentle Swelling Scrub

Bio-Gentle Swelling Scrub
Bio-Gentle Swelling Scrub, 125ml, SGD37.50

Bio-Gentle Swelling Scrub2


  • Provides pore clearing and trouble caring effects simultaneously
  • Nourishes and protects against pollution
  • Washes off every speck of dirt and makeup while leaving skin super soft and moisturized.
  • Moisturizes the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic

How to use:

Apply a proper amount to your face and massage lightly. Then, wash your face with lukewarm water.

THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet

Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet
Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet, 1 sheet, SGD2.70


An oil-free mask sheet that calms down and moisturizes the skin. Keeps the skin clean and cool.

How to use:

Use 1-2 times a week depending on the skin type

Please throw away the used sheet for hygienic issues.

1. Place the mask sheet after toner step

2. Place the sheet according to where nose and eyes are

3. Take off the sheet after 15-20 minutes

NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon

Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon
Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, 200ml+30 sheets, SGD31.80


  • Lemon peeling serum first chemical peeling + gauze 2nd physical peeling
  • Removes old dead skin and impurities providing dull and rough skin clean texture.
  • Removes dead skin by wiping out melanin outer skin, giving clear skin.
  • Lemon extract penetrate quick into skin gives bright skin care.
  • Skin turn over activates, providing soft skin finish.
  • [Chemical peeling with first peeling serum] ­
  • [Physical peeling with soft clean gauze]
  • [Fine cotton peeling gauze]
  • Thin and safe non irritation even on baby skin material.
  • Peels gently and fits evenly on skin with fine wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Cotton peeling gauze mash21 structure removes dead skin and impurities thoroughly.

How to use:

  1. Place peeling serum in the container, keep in refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  2. Remove water after face wash, use gauze to wipe out face and neck.
  3. Massage onto bothered area intensively, rinse off with lukewarm water.
  4. Finish with toner.

* Use 2~3 times a week.

* 15EA in silver case, 15 on separate package.

Use rest of 15EA after finishing 15EA in the silver case.

NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, 200ml+30 sheets, SGD31.80


This is the perfect exfoliator whether you prefer chemical or manual exfoliation. With 30 single-use exfoliating pads, this product provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin smoother and clear. Dead skin cells are sloughed off the surface of the skin using the unique 3 layer pad technology, as lactic acid penetrates deep into your pores to clean out pore-clogging debris.

Its star ingredient, Resveratrol, comes from red wine and is naturally fermented, with naturally occurring AHAs that also help with the exfoliation process. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent free radicals from pigmenting or forming wrinkles on your skin.





SON&PARK All That Shimmering Kit

All That Shimmering Kit, 1.6g*6, SGD52.70



  • Soft shimmering pearl gives contour face and eyes.
  • Face and eye contour gives volume by light
  • Contour volume bright face luminous kit.

How to use:

  1. Use 1 color to give under eye volume.
  2. Use 2 color to give bright cover on the dark circles.
  3. Use 3 color to give highlight on the nose.
  4. Use 4 color to give clean look around the eyes.
  5. Use 5 color to give contour on the eyes.
  6. Use 6 color to give clear looking eyes.

SON&PARK Trueblack Eye Pen Liner

Trueblack Eye Pen Liner, 1g, SGD29.30



  • True black with one touch gives clear and sharp looking line.
  • Application provides film shield for long lasting.
  • Ink tank gives line application until the end.
  • 40 degree, lukewarm water removal, easy washable type.

How to use:

  1. Natural line : Apply between eyelashes for clear tattoo like express.
  2. Edge line : Apply longer than town eyes to draw.

* Shake and close the cap after using.

SON&PARK Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner Pencil, 3g, SGD16.00



  • Wooden pencil creates a comfortable soft coating, retains accuracy and naturalness.
  • For a long time keeps the brightness of the color pigment has counter claims.



SON&PARK All That Shadow Kit

All That Shadow Kit
All That Shadow Kit, 1.6g*6, SGD48.30

All That Shadow Kit2All That Shadow Kit3All That Shadow Kit4All That Shadow Kit5



Looking for that perfect shadow kit that promises you the deep, caring eyes and the attractive facial contour that you’ve been dreaming of? The Son & Park All That Shadow Kit provides you with all that and more!

The All That Shadow Kit has a customized texture that is handy to use. This palette comes with sophisticated, classic colors of customized textures that feel matte, shimmery, and sparkling.

With this perfect palette, you can add shadows on the sides of your nose as well as smokey eye effects. This palette works also as an eyebrow pencil, an eye liner, and a tear liner that makes your eyes younger and twinkle brighter.

SON&PARK Air Chou Foundation

Air Chou Foundation
Air Chou Foundation SPF45 PA++, 18g, SGD58.00

Air Chou Foundation2Air Chou Foundation3Air Chou Foundation4Air Chou Foundation55


The Air Chou Foundation compact contains SPF 45 PA++  and provides sheer but build-able coverage. The airy super-lightweight formula has a mousse-like texture but thoroughly hides pores and fine lines to give you a smooth, baby soft complexion. It also absorbs sweat and sebum, so you can retouch throughout the day to look fresh and dewy, never greasy.

How to use:

  1. Use puff to apply onto face.
  2. Soft choux cream texture, tap gently to touch.

SON&PARK Glow Ring Foundation

Glow Ring Foundation
Glow Ring Foundation, 12g, SGD53.00


Perfect skin with this innovative award-winning stick foundation that has a nourishing and moisturizing essence core. The creamy formula covers uneven texture and pores for a silky finish. Its Sebum Capture System keeps skin hydrated while also minimizing oil all day long. No need for touch ups! Blend with the built-in brush to conveniently achieve a flawless finish.

Glow Ring Foundation2

SON&PARK Skin Flash Foundation SPF30 PA+

Skin Flash Foundation SPF30 PA+
Skin Flash Foundation SPF30 PA+, 20ml, SGD58.40


  • Foundation with brush with Master Color Base and serum moisture
  • 3D prism powder light effect gives clear and bright glow for 24 hours.
  • Treat skin dullness, pink pearl gives bright cool tone up.
  • Serum in oil rich moisture provides hydration on each layer.
  • Use artist brush to give fine pearls for glowing skin express.
  • 4 magic hole to use brush to prevent from staining.
  • SPF30・PA++

How to use:

  1. Pump enough for 4 magic holes to wet
  2. Apply onto cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
  3. * Separate brush to clean for hygienic use.


SON&PARK Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++

Tone Up Base
Tone Up Base SPF30 PA++, 50ml, SGD45.90



  • Jewelry powder give bright and shinny complexion.
  • High tech illuminating effect to give glow ­.
  • Cover trouble areas and give long lasting make up.
  • Non darkening even tone lasting.
  • SPF30,PA++

How to use:

After basic skin care, apply onto face and wear make up.

SON&PARK Skin Fit Foundation SPF45 PA++

Skin Fit Foundation SPF45 PA++
Skin Fit Foundation SPF45 PA++, 12g, SGD50.00


  • Fits to skin tightly to create smooth skin with invisible pores.
  • Green base in the core provides lively skin tone.
  • Porous multi­powder is contained, evenly covers the skin texture.
  • Sebum control system maintains clean makeup for a long time.
  • 0.05mm of fine brush, gives smooth and silky makeup without cakey look.

How to use:

Apply moderate amount on forehead, cheeks, chin gently with the brush.

Skin Fit Foundation SPF45 PA++2

SON&PARK UV Water Complete Color Cream SPF50 PA+++

UV Water Complete Color Cream SPF50 PA+++
UV Water Complete Color Cream SPF50 PA+++, 50ml, SGD33.30


  • Color fix cream with strong UV protection and moisture glow to skin.
  • Rich moisture and fresh usage giving non sticky moisture glow.
  • Daily use clear and light coverage make up.
  • Light and moisturizing application like moisture cream
  • SPF50+ PA+++

How to use:

After basic skin care apply onto face.

SON&PARK Lip Crayon

Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Dry Flower, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 2
Lip Crayon – Rose Balm , 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 3
Lip Crayon – Chu Chu Balm, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 4
Lip Crayon – Smoky Mate, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 5
Lip Crayon – Orchid Purple, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Naked Coral, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 2
Lip Crayon – Maple Balm, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 3
Lip Crayon – Cherry Balm, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 4
Lip Crayon – Cool Red, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Grape Tint, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 2
Lip Crayon – Mandarin Tint, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 3
Lip Crayon – Watermelon Tint, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon 4
Lip Crayon – Flash Red, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Wicked Burgundy, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon – Amber Nude, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Sugar Tint, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Honey Nude, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Dazzling Tomato, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Paprika Orange, 2.7g, SGD33.30
Lip Crayon
Lip Crayon – Kissy Tint Pink, 2.7g, SGD33.30


Lip Pencil contains neon pigment in a clear and attractive colors.

Intense color on the lips after only one touch.

Vitamin E moisturizes and cares for the skin of the lips.

How to use:

Carefully apply it on the lips with pencil

THE FACE SHOP Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Emulsion

Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Emulsion
Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Emulsion, 140ml, SGD47.70


  • Concentrated herbal toner gives moisture and protection for the skin.
  • 24K Gold and Herbal essence extract that quickly absorbs to skin.
  • Tightens pores and gives a healthy skin.
  • No artificial coloring, No preservatives
  • Korean Herbal extract

How to use:

After essence, apply right amount onto face.

THE FACE SHOP The Therapy Essential Formula Emulsion

The Therapy Essential Formula Emulsion
The Therapy Essential Formula Emulsion, 130ml, SGD37.70


  • This anti-aging emulsion leaves rough. Uneven skin feeling supple and moisturized.
  • Provides radiant and supple skin with a natural oil and moisture layer.
  • The milk blending processing method provides moisture deep inside the skin.
  • Marche Handmade Anti-Aging Blending Formula

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion

Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion
Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion, 130ml, SGD25.80


  • A hydrating emulsion that helps improve suppleness and give your skin a surge of moisture.
  • A hydrating emulsion that helps reveal your skin’s natural clear glow.
  • Makes dry skin soft and supple.
  • GMO free Chia Seed.

How to use:

After toner, apply all over the face and gently pat in for absorption.

THE FACE SHOP Clean Face Blemish Zero Clinic Solutions

Clean Face Blemish Zero Clinic Solutions
Clean Face Blemish Zero Clinic Solutions, 150ml, SGD25.80


•    A moisturizing anti-inflammable fluid type of emulsion that contains natural AHA & BHA
•    Anti-inflammable Complex
– A complex of mung beans, birch tree, rumex crispus
– Dipotassium glycyrrhizate
•    Moisturizing Complex
– Betain, xanthan gum, glycerin

How to use:

After clarifying toner take an appropriate amount and apply to skin.

THE FACE SHOP Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion

Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion
Rice Ceramide Moisture Emulsion, 150ml, SGD14.20


Enriched with rice extract and ceramide this quick-absorbing emulsion offers skin long-lasting moisturizing.

How to use:

Dispense an adequate amount and gently apply in an outward direction along the skin texture.

THE FACE SHOP Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion

Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion
Green Tea Waterfull Emulsion, 150ml, SGD17.50


Young green tea extract gives fresh hydration. : Non sticky fresh application : 5­free (tar colors, animal raw materials, mineral oil, talc, paraffin)

How to use:

After skin apply right amount onto skin and gently let it absorb.

THE FACE SHOP Olive Essential Emulsion

Olive Essential Emulsion
Olive Essential Emulsion, 150ml, SGD17.50


  • 1/4 of the ingredients are moisturizing ingredients
  • Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing)
  • Panthenol (anti-inflammatory, moisturizing)
  • Carrageenan (water retention)
  •  100mg of organic olive oil
  • 5 free system (artificial coloring, benzophenone, minerals, animal derived ingredients, triethanolamine)

How to use:

After applying toner, dispense an adequate amount and apply evenly all over the face in
an outward direction.

THE FACE SHOP White Seed Real Whitening Lotion

White Seed Real Whitening Lotion
White Seed Real Whitening Lotion, 125ml, SGD32.50


A whitening emulsion that quickly absorbs into the skin without any stickiness and controls the balance of oil/water in the skin and creates a whitening + moisturizing barrier for long lasting bright, moisturized skin

How to use:

After using the essence, pump the appropriate amount  and apply it along the skin’s texture until absorbed.