8 NEW Korean Beauty Brands You MUST Know!

Korean beauty isn’t new to the US anymore, and it’s constantly getting easier to find K-beauty brands here — particularly the popular ones like Tony Moly. This year, it’s time to go next-level with your K-beauty addiction if you have one, or to merely discover some fantastic new brands if you don’t.


It’s currently listed as a “rising star” brand at Olive & Young (the Sephora of Korea) and is carried in all 500 of its stores. The brand performs pretty serious clinical testing, and the products are both innovative and effective.


2. Blossom Jeju

Jeju Island is known as the “Hawaii of South Korea.” The lush, gorgeous island is popular with tourists, and beauty brands look to it for its tropical vibes and natural resources. This gorgeous brand features oil from the camellia flower, which is packed with antioxidants, but still light and not too strongly scented.


3. Primera

Primera is owned by K-beauty giant Amore Pacific. It’s a “natural” brand that eschews ingredients like mineral oil and parabens, and it uses lots of botanical extracts. If you’re familiar with Innisfree, Primera is a more high-end version.


4. Shangpree

Shangpree is a spa brand started by an esthetician in Korea who went on to get a Ph.D. The spa, which has been around for 25 years, has one of the most rigorously trained staffs in the country. There’s also a full product line, from cleansers to masks.


5. Erborian

Its DNA is a combination of two viral concepts: Korean beauty and French beauty. This is what you get when a Korean cosmetic chemist meets a self-described “beauty globe-trotter.” This line uses traditional Korean herbs like ginseng with a luxury sensibility. The result is pretty unique — and Sephora just recently added the brand to its roster.


6. Leaders Clinic

No roundup about K-beauty would be complete without sheet masks. The brand offers cotton, biocellulose, and coconut gel (which have an amazing texture and fit well) masks for pretty much any skin issue that ails you.


7. Blithe

Inspired by an ancient Korean treatment with antioxidant and moisturising virtues consisting of applying the rice cooking water on the face, the Patting Splash mask from Blithe is the latest beauty trend in Korea. This innovation promises to leave your skin instantly more fresh, bright and beautiful.


8. Acwell

Dermatologist skin care brand, the products are gentle and effective, especially for acne-prone skin.