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The Beauty Phase


12 thoughts on “**Order Form**

  1. Hi, I’ve just submitted an order for 5pcs TFS Phyto Powder in Foiam Cleanser but I’ve entered the wrong delivery address. Address should read: 277 Bangkit Road #12-114 Singapore 670277.

  2. Hello Aniyah,

    Of course you may submit your order anytime you wish to! ^^
    As for delivery, there is worldwide shipping for international orders.
    We will tell you the shipping cost once order form has been submitted. =)

    Thank you!

    — The Beauty Phase

  3. Hi!! I wanted to know if the worldwide shipping is WORLD wide, because on some pages the worldwide is limited to SOME countries only :D Thank you ;)

  4. Hello Mariana,

    Yes, we do provide worldwide shipping.
    However, some countries customs are very strict, and may not allow items to pass through the custom.
    So you may have to check that the custom of your country allows international shipping of such products. =)

    Thank you!

    — The Beauty Phase

  5. Hi I have just submitted my order form. appreciate if you could let me know whether it has been received, Thanks.

  6. Hello! I am customer from Hong Kong! Actually can I make an order delivery to Hong Kong before 12 May? Any additional fee I could pay for it thx! :)

  7. Hi i have sent you my order yesterday but till now no reply for TBP… Could you please check whether you receive it.

  8. Hello Karen,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    So sorry for the delay as we have been busy sorting out orders.

    We will check and get back to you soon. =)

    Thank you!

    —The Beauty Phase

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