Why Pre-order?

Upon visiting The Beauty Phase, many would have noticed that most of the items are only available for pre-ordering.

What is PRE-ORDER?

– A pre-order is an order you can make for an (new) item before it is available for delivery.


Therefore, it is common:

  1. To have a waiting time of estimated 2-3 weeks after order has been placed.

  2. For the item to be out of stock after payment has been made.

  3. For the item to be no longer available in the manufacturing country, although it is still being sold in international retails.


So why is The Beauty Phase processing most of the items under PRE-ORDER?

– There are a few reasons why The Beauty Phase supports pre-ordering as the main ordering system:

1) To maintain the freshness of the products.

– In pre-order, all the items are ordered and processed straight from the factory, the products have not been stored away by The Beauty Phase. In another words, the products that you receive are the latest and freshest from the manufacturing country. In this case, you may refer to the manufacturing date.

2) To bring oversea shopping as close to our customers as possible, without them leaving the house at all.

– In pre-order, all the items are the newest/upgraded versions, thus our customers can be assured that whatever they are using, is almost the same as what the customers in the manufacturing country are using. For instance, a particular BB Cream has been upgraded to a newer version with different packaging and properties in Korea, and those are the ones being used by the people in their own manufacturing country too. By using pre-ordering products from The Beauty Phase, customers get to use the same version as those in Korea.


Don’t worry, The Beauty Phase has both!

By choosing pre-ordering as the main system, The Beauty Phase is able to provide the latest and freshest quality online shopping to you!

Thank you for taking the time to read through our note, as we strive to bring you better service in the future.

— The Beauty Phase


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