THE FACE SHOP Myeonghan Miindo Hwansaenggo Gold Emulsion

Myeonghan Miindo Hwansaenggo Gold Emulsion
Myeonghan Miindo Hwansaenggo Gold Emulsion, 140ml, SGD56.00


  • An oriental emulsion with concentrated nutrients that softly adheres and absorbs, minimizing skin irritation while delivering rich nutrition for the last stage of skincare
  • Olive emulsifying wax creates very stable emulsion particles that heighten the stability of the emulsion and provides a silky texture and excellent spreadability and luxurious application on skin
  • Golden pearls differentiates it from other emulsions and creates a glowing complexion
  • Panthenol and nutmeg extract increase anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the moisture to maintain dewy skin
  • A highly concentrated oriental emulsion that cares for the inner and outer skin; Bulro-gukjindan strengthens the skin’s homeostasis while golden pine oil cares for the complexion and radiance of skin